Warning For A Bloodbath?

The problem with living in Dead End is not so much the broken down transport system, the potholes in the roads, the endless mugging or the multitude of skimpy dressed floozies. It’s the crazies that at some point can really get to you. We at the Daily News get letters, photographs and even videos of crazy people by the dozens every single day. Most of the time you as a reader may never notice this, because we filter out the unicorn sucking fan-club, the booger collector and various deranged religious fanatics. Or did, in the past. However, sometimes we get something that is so disturbing we simply can’t ignore it. Like last week when we received a video which at first we wrote off as just being another insane message from some fruitcake, but on closer inspection we fear this might be serious.

Video image

“Good evening Dead Ender’s,” says a woman in the video with a strangely distorted voice. She is wearing a hooded robe and her face is painted white like she is portraying Harley Quinn from some Batman movie. At which point of course the urge to switch off and toss the footage in the bin becomes unbearably overwhelming. But, something urged us to look on and as we did, it soon became much more disturbing.

At first she starts explaining to us viewers that she is crazy, which we already knew within two seconds of course, but we’re glad she also knows it. Then however she starts talking about the Chaos Killer. We all remember that one and here’s where it gets creepy. Not only does the woman in the video declare that the Chaos Killer was laughable, she also states that she is going to do a better job at it. To quote her: .”The Chaos Killer […] just doesn’t inspire fear.”

To be honest, I don’t know where she gets if from, but I was scared. Maybe this HQ impersonator was not and to make that clear she tells us: “I am going to kidnap and torture persons of my selection and leave my mark on them”. To make clear what that mark will be, she ends by pouring a bucket of blood over her own head. Quite a statement indeed.

After having seen the footage a couple of times, we at the newspaper office don’t think this woman is trying to advertise the benefits of bathing oneself in blood and we also don’t think she only wants to scare herself. She is of course making a statement and gives us a warning that our fair city is soon to be bathed in blood. And since she points at the camera holding a knife, we can only assume that we will be the source of all that blood.

Is this person crazy? Most certainly so. Do we have to take her threats seriously? Well, we think it won’t hurt to be extra careful. There seems to be another killer on the loose. As if we didn’t have enough of those already.

Note from the editor: not everything that can be seen or heard in the video is described here. The video will be shared with the PD for investigation.