Synthetic Realities: Now Hiring Specialists and Security


Have you ever wanted to try your hand in acting but couldn’t cut it in Hollywood?

We may have you covered. Synthetic Realities is now seeking to hire men and women to take on the ultimate acting challenge as specialists.

Specialists are sent on a variety of different legal contracts that are artificially designed simulations of our customer’s fantasies in order to bring those fantasies to life. In doing so, our specialists must be comfortable with an array of different scenarios in which they may potentially find themselves. Diversity is HIGHLY welcomed in our field of work.


Our employees and their safety is important to us here at Synthetic Realities. We try to become a family amongst each other, as contracts can often times leave employees feeling vulnerable.

Security offers peace of mind for our employees as well as our customers. Having security detail allows fantasies to commence while at the mercy of a safety net for both customers and employees. With that peace of mind, fantasies are more likely to be enjoyed by all parties involved and to increase the sense of immersion.

Members of security at Synthetic Realities are vital to our team and much needed.

No experience necessary. Training will be provided.

Head down to Synthetic Realities at the corner of S Inquisitor Dr and Key Rd next door to the Easy Eights Bar.

Inquire to:

Tomiichi Werefox, Owner – *Fake phone number: 101-101-1010*

Mollie Dollson, Manager – *Fake phone number: 010-010-0101*