WANTED by the Church of St Hank and the Rehabilitation program… For crimes against humanity, including but not limited to… Necrobeastialanalbuttsex, rubbing against barn yard animals, taking the Lords name in Vain, tearing the tags off of pillows, not keeping the sacrament holy, stealing Girl Scout Cookies, Kidnapping, Possibly homoerotic behavior under a Pence Vice Presidency, Protesting The Peach crayon calling for it to be called Flesh, Chicken fucking, Looking like a Chicken fucker. Touching young boys in Pence’s America, Calling Hell Cats and Cultists their personal pussy supply, eating Asian Food from the Giant Panda, these criminals are to go back to the convents at ((Beans Address)) Reward offered for bringing these terrible bad naughty and sinful people off the streets before Trump gets them…If you see these fuckers, call Bean!


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