Glitter ISIS

Victim Always The Victim (Editor's note we have no idea.)

Victim Always The Victim (Editor’s note we have no idea.)

Glitter Isis

On January 11, 2017, chaos struck in DE, when an innocent was tormented by a ruthless gang of Hellcats, as she was used for the sole purpose of a cruel joke and for their own amusement. Strapping a bomb around the woman she was forced to head out into the streets of Dead End. From Lulus and throughout the town she had no choice but to go inside and steal their money, I do not know how many stores and places of business were hit.

However, when I went digging for the story a distraught woman came onto me and was too afraid to say her name or go to the cops, so like any good reporter after a good story, I naturally complied. And upon interviewing the woman, She said a Hellcat named Dee strapped a bomb to her chest and told her to go and rob these places, or she was going to be blown to bits. Who would do such a crazy thing? Well, the hellcats are a very known radical pussy grabbing, Trump loving bunch. And when they got their money, my victim, stated the bomb went off.

Thankfully, it was nothing but paint and glitter and I always thought that the Tattoo parlor Kink Ink in the red light district needed a good remodeling. So let’s see if the good DEPD goes after the band of pussycats who start the crimes and are responsible for birthing a ” Glitter Isis”

This is April O’Neil, DE Daily Reporter

CCTV footage of the victim: