Dark Room’s January VIP Promotion

Snapshot_060Peni booty221Dark Room’s January VIP Promotion

Ever wonder how VIP’s get treated. You are in luck, PAPI Productions in conjuncture with the Dark Room are running an I’d Hit That promotion. Come on down to the Dark Room, Peni the owner is waiting. What is it you need to do, thats simple. Peni is looking for take charge kinds of people to fill the VIP Roster. Walk over, grab a handful of that always bared back side and tell her. ” Id Hit That.” Its as simple as that, show Peni you have what it takes to join the ranks of the elite VIP Crew.

What does being a Dark Room VIP get you? A personal tour from Peni to the back area of the Dark Room, a bottle of Lube courtesy of Spunks and a personal demonstration by Peni of all the fine equipment the back room of the Dark Room has to offer. This is how the 1% live and yes you can get a taste of that. Live like a high roller, enjoy a night of debauchery. No one knows how to throw a party like Papi, come down, drink, enjoy yourself. Grab that handful of ass and remember the Dark Room motto, NO means YES.

And if all that wasn’t enough, in the spirit of the New Years, bring this ad in and get half off drinks.