Beast Among Us!

Lately I heard some rumors. Scary rumors. Rumors that there are beasts roaming our streets, hiding in the shadows. Who are they? Where do they come from? I am a rabbit that needs protecting!

Thankfully I also heard rumors that there are the protectors among us too! I was so happy to hear that, I don’t want to be eaten or mauled by a horrible beast! I heard them howling at night sometimes. So scary! I hold my bear tight ready to smack something away if one comes near. Hopefully the one I heard sneaking about the city with a
magic bag is a protector. I would hate to think someone is bringing these things to us. Makes this rabbit want to never come to work. I heard he carries a bag that looks like it is an ordinary tote carry, but a small switch that makes the magic seen and things come out.

That all said. If you see anything randomly move, break, or explode run for your life! You might be around an unseen demon ready to fuck your ass till your spew out blood, guts, and cum from your mouth! Hope you lived a happy life if your caught. Never fear though. I, the Holy Black Rabbit, God’s prophet for this city will help as I can to rid the evils of this world and the beasts and demons that inhabit it! I will help as I am able to purify this sinful city so it is how it should be.

Your ever why is she a reporter,
Thumper the Holy Black Rabbit.