Killer Moth Takes Old Womans Eye!!

It started like any other day for local legend Gertie “nothing below the waist” Garters! I got a chance to interview her at the Local Costume Shop, where she is a door greeter , she showed me her eye socket,I think I saw her brain. Dead End Daily : Hello Ms. Garters, Please for those readers that aren’t aware tell us a bit about yourself !
Gertie Garters : I ain’t telling you shit Missy! Not until you get me those pills you promised!
GG: Now where were we ? Well I lived in a time when men were men and took what they wanted! Men didn’t leave a jar of candy this sweet sitting on the shelf, if you know what I mean!So far the only stud for me is, Jess Corven,the tension and passion between us is like fire. When he kisses me . I am just Ring a Ding Ding !”

DE D : OKAY! How did you loose that eye ?
GG: It was the Giant Moth , she was nearly the size of a buffalo , and had hideous cruel fangs and teeth like razors , she swooped down into the Diner when I was trying to pump some life into their dirty birdie party and its teeth hooked into me socket and pulled out me eye! Oh the horror! I swear it spoke to me its words were all garbled from holding my eye in it’s gaping maw. I came home went to my medicine cabinet , needle and thread and stapled my eye shut and I thanked the Lord that something finally happened in this mausoleum you call a town! We ruled the streets , we didn’t sit in fancy parties we fucked and we fought! But now, Gertie knows of the witch craft afoot dare ye to step in my world you will catch these bony ass hands. Come to the Halloween Store if you dare and give old Gertie whirl .. Nothing below the waist , I don’t strip dirty ask my Lover ,Jess Corven. Gertie loves her candy dish licker.
A nurse came and took Gertie away, she was heavily medicated, but I heard her exclaim as she rolled out of sight,”Sweet maiden,why disguise the beauty of my eyes with glasses black? Find that god damned moth and kill it!”
At the time of the press, the giant ugly moth had not been discovered.

Stock Photo 1967