We all know that Dead End is dangerous. We get that. We choose to live here in spite of that because of low house prices and cheap rent. We live in hope that this city will get better, the quality of our lives will improve and that our streets will become safer. In order to fulfill that dream, we cannot sit idly by and have faith that it will come to pass. We need to stand up for ourselves and hold those who have sworn to protect us accountable when they fail us.

At a bare minimum we should expect the police to take us seriously. They should understand that we the tax payers are paying them to protect us. We certainly are not paying them to mock us on social media when we make it known that we have been threatened by the criminal underbelly of the city.

That is where Ren (AKA RenLovesCandy on twitter) fails us. Apparently Ren feels that it is permissible for criminals to threaten us if she deems that we have not lived in the city long enough, that we are not worth protecting if the person who threatens us has lived here longer. Ren feels emboldened to assert that she doesn’t care if we disappear after threats have been made to us. That would be fine if she was a member of the general public, but she is a member of DEPD and we should hold her to a higher standard.

If this wasn’t bad enough it later transpired that Ren is in a relationship of sorts, with an unequal power balance, where Ren is taking orders from the very man who is making threats. We should not judge her for that alone as what she does in her sex life is of course her own business. However when he gives her permission to shoot innocent citizens of Dead End and Ren likes his post, then it becomes a problem!

Ren liking a post where she has been permitted to shoot innocent citizens.

This is goes past unprofessional. This is a disgrace. Ren should clearly be fired as she is clearly incompetent and unfit to serve us. We cannot trust her to protect us. We deserve better.

Ren – Incompetent DEPD cop.