The Season of Giving

Here at the Dead End Daily, we’re all about giving back to the community and those in need. That’s why this year for 2017, we’ve partnered with a local charitable group. The group will be identifying the things that are needed most and will be providing that data to us so we can use our platform in the news to reach out, and seek a list of items that are being requested for donations.

In the Season of Giving, we can all do our part to be a little less nefarious, or at least pretend we are. Find it in your hearts, as icy as they may be, to take a moment to consider those who may not be as fortunate.



We have placed a donation box outside of the Dead End Daily, and yes, it will be monitored at all times. All donations are welcome, and your items will be collected immediately to ensure they remain in trusting hands.

Stay tuned for the more specific list of requests launching December 1st, and how you can do a part to help us give back this beautiful Holiday Season.

-Rebecca Rickroll, Dead End Daily News