Yellow Pages


Business names marked with the symbol are considered official DE groups and all registered DE role-play members are eligible to join instantly. Click the orange “For Hire” sign at the establishment, choose your starting position, and you will receive an instant invitation to the group!

Alternatively, you can get jobs at establishments that are listed below and are run by resident role-players. Please IM the listed contact to learn how to join!


We’re looking for managers to step up and take over official businesses! Take a look at this forum thread if the idea interests you.

Here’s a list of businesses currently in need of a leadership:

  • Spunk R Us  –  Porn Shop Located in the Red Light District


Spunk R US

A diverse adult mega store where the employees usually are paid to please their customers. Its unspoken so patrons have a 50/50 chance of getting serviced in the glory-hole viewing booths or getting a hard slap in the face! Lots of opportunities to take the RP where you want to go here.

Contact: MitternachtVernichtung Resident

Pizza Slut

Greasy, cheesy goodness in house or delivered to you by your favorite boys and girls. Rumor has it there's a secret menu.

Contact: kim akselbrad

Jade Dragon

Located right at the heart of the Asian District. Authentic sushi and experience.

Contact: koosh lilliehook


Dead Ends entertainment venue for all, right in the city square.


Kink Ink

Come get marked permanently in the Red Light District. Piercings, tattoos, mods, you name it.

Contact: Ike Macmoragh

Dead End Memorial Hospital


Contact: Druxsilla Moonwall

Lead for Dead End Hospital


Contact: Syreni Barony

The Red Herring

Casual cafe. Entry roles include Barista and Kitchen Aid.

Contact: merabella melody

Icky Quickie Mart

Corner store to fulfill your need of munchies, cheap booze and condoms.

Contact: Nuku Nemeth

Massage Parlor

A Full Service parlor for Erotic Massage and Sex Therapy located in the Red Light District of Dead Fall.

Contact: MitternachtVernichtung Resident

Hedonist Casino

Try your luck at the Hedonist, where the slots are loose and the drinks make you feel lucky!


Dead End Asylum

Located below the hospital. Houses the insane of Dead End.

Contact: Druxsilla Moonwall

The Roughhouse

Local biker bar.

Contact: Janis MacMoragh

Slim Goodies Diner

Situated just below the basketball court. Slim Goodies offers a break from the norm, with diner style food and fun.

Contact: Chanda Feiri

Dead End Fire Department

Set it on fire? Got a booboo? give us a call, and no we don't do parties.


Dicks Halfway Inn

Dead Ends one and only hotel. We dont ask as long as you dont tell. Located down by the docks with easy access to the Red Light District.

Contact: sugarcanelollipop Resident

The Dark Room

Sex. Smut. Live nude. You name it, we got it. Come check out our new club offering the best in live sex shows and even a maze.

Contact: Jaylah Sass

Dead End District Court

Home of Dead Ends lawyers, judges and other civil officials.

Contact: Pagan Ghostraven

Dead End Daily Newspaper

Join as a REPORTER or PHOTOGRAPHER to work your way up news media. To write articles, please use the official online DE Daily Newspaper and follow instructions here:


Dead End Memorial Hospital

This group is for official members of the DEMH. Entry level roles are: INTERN, NURSE, and EMT. Members who become a regular and responsible at the hospital are promoted to higher roles. To drive an ambulance, you must have the Paramedic role (promoted from EMT).

Contact: Leighanne86 resident

Dead End Police Department

This group is dedicated to POLICE OFFICERS of the DE Metro Police Force. Officers must purchase their uniforms, located in the lobby of the station.

Contact: tarrathorton resident

Busted Knuckle Garage

The Busted Knuckle Garage services all those cars that keep breaking down at the outskirts of the city ... or do they? You may begin playing your role as either an ATTENDANT or MECHANIC right away! Use group chat to coordinate activities, hang out in front of or inside the station, or even make use of the shady basement.

Contact: Janis MacMoragh

Easy Eight Billiards

Official group for employees of the Easy Eight Billiards & Pool club. Available entry level roles include Barkeep and Waitress.

Contact: jessiecorven resident

Lulus Bar and Grill

Dead Ends number one hot spot for the best variety of booze, food, and dancers in the heart of the city. Entry level roles include Bartender, Bouncer, and Dancer.

Contact: lily martiel