Business Spotlight: Cherry Bomb Escorts

Cherry Bomb Escorts is a escort agency on the corner of Crimson Avenue  that had its grand opening on September 3, 2016. We sat down with owner Cherry to find out more. Cherry. What was it that made you decide to open Cherry Bomb? Cherry: There are lots of girls wandering the streets, so I wanted to give them a safe place to work in, and a place they can crash in if needed.... Read More

DEPD Now Hiring [Advertisement]

The DEPD is now hiring! Please see any member of the police department to apply. But word to the wise: if you see the Captain, you had better come prepared.   The Dead End Daily does not endorse any of the contents of this advertisement, and is publishing it only in the spirit of a free press.  Read More

Advertorial: What is a Defense Attorney?

by Miya Crivello Criminal Defense Attorney As advocates for defendants who are accused of breaking the law, defense lawyers are sometimes misunderstood because many aspects of criminal law itself are misunderstood. For example: If a defendant confides to his lawyer that he did indeed commit the crime, the lawyer does not have to disclose the client’s admission of guilt to... Read More

Lover’s Lock-in At The Asylum!

Dead End Memorial Hospital/Asylum – Main Entrance In a rut between Valentine’s and the holidays?  Want a reason to make that special someone feel special?  Head on over to the Asylum for a Lover’s Lock-in! An empty wing of the Asylum will allow entrance to the public. Sexperts and couples’ counselors will be standing by to provide professional evaluations and assistance... Read More

Irezumi Ink opens Rope Studio!

Kinbaku Bound Home is where the ropes are! Irezumi Ink has opened up a brand new private studio for displaying the traditional art of Japanese Rope Bondage. Please speak with the management for classes, shows, etc.!  Read More

Get the app!

Everyone’s buzzing about the hottest new app to hit Dead End.  The best way to meet adventurous singles is to join The Team.   Find a friend, find your lover #OnTheTeam   ((Contact Princess Yheng (Princess.minnelli) for an invite to the group.  The group chat is RP’ed in character as a dating app to get you connected with “dates”…. wink... Read More

A Message from the Dead End Syndicate

  The Dead End Daily does not endorse the contents of this message. We are only publishing it in the name of free speech.  Read More


Our organization is operated by local body artists whose prime directives are to improve the industry and provide originality and character. It is our goal and belief that a successful business is run by a powerful team that is represented in all aspects. Body Artists should be able to perform their work with the confidence of knowing that the owner has their best interests at heart... Read More

Matsuri – July 7, 8, 9 (7pm – Midnight SLT)

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Anonymous Review of Spunks Jessica Rabbit Vibrator!

Spunks’R’us Sex toy review! By Spunks very own Anonymous Reviewer   Name of the toy: Jessica Rabbit Vibrator Price: $44.99 Description: Insertion and clitoral stimulation!! The insert-able length is about, 5 inches in length with a circumference of 5.5 inches! Amazing right?? Its firm, so none of that wibbly wobbly floppiness. This toy takes 3 AAA Batteries and... Read More