Missing person! Missing person!


The Beast has yet  taken another  poor soul down to the depths of  its hellish nightmare.  Please help them  be found and  brought back  to their owners! It is  a dire time for us all with those  dragons and  wolves   lurking about the shadows! Name: Simon Payne (( legacy name- simonpayne )) Age 22 Description- average build 5’5 white hair gray eyes Last known... Read More

A Message from the Dead End Syndicate

Syndicate Note

  The Dead End Daily does not endorse the contents of this message. We are only publishing it in the name of free speech.  Read More

Lulu’s is Now Hiring!

Lulu's Now Hiring

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Now Hiring-DEPD


Have you ever wanted to make a difference, but struggled with the best way to do it? Do you consider yourself a public servant of this great city? Well good news! The DEPD is hiring officers. We will train you, so no experience necessary! Just a strong drive to learn and the desire to punch out the scum of the city. To apply, please turn in an application at the station (AKA click... Read More

Advertisement: Information About DEMH Needed

new hospital de_001

Dead End Memorial Hospital/Asylum – Main Entrance Have you recently been admitted to Dead End Memorial Hospital? How was your experience? The Dead End Daily News is looking for a few people to answer some questions about their experience at DEMH for a new story. If you would like to share yours — good, bad or otherwise — please come by the Daily offices and speak... Read More

Ritter Loans

In today’s trying times, people are short on money.  Medical bills pile up, food prices go up, times are becoming desperate.  Until the economy improves, the average person will need someplace they can turn to, someplace they can trust.  So come on down to the Lair Bar and talk to one of the Ritters about a short term loan and afford the better things in life today.  The... Read More

Synthetic Realities: Now Hiring Specialists and Security

Specialists: Have you ever wanted to try your hand in acting but couldn’t cut it in Hollywood? We may have you covered. Synthetic Realities is now seeking to hire men and women to take on the ultimate acting challenge as specialists. Specialists are sent on a variety of different legal contracts that are artificially designed simulations of our customer’s fantasies in... Read More

Now Hiring Reporters and Interns

Sermon of Belial

Do reality shows intrigue you? Have you always wondered about why people hold orgies? Especially church orgies? Are you fascinated by parking disputes? Keen to dig deep into corruption, cartels, and food hygiene violations? Are you a newshound with a keen sense of curiosity? Then submit your application to be a reporter or intern at the Dead End Daily to the pink... Read More

Red Light Entertainment Casting Call

red light entertainment logo

The management of the newly-refurbished Red Light Entertainment (RLE) studio is looking for motivated, highly-skilled, ethically-challenged, and morally-suspect crew members, performers, and entertainers for entry level positions in all aspects of the off-Broadway entertainment industry! Work is part time, cum-as-you-are, but with opportunities for advancement in every aspect of... Read More

Welcome to the Jungle party: Sunday, January 24

Lyss's Lair in Dead Drop

Re-opening party of Lyss’s Lair Opening party for DE Lair Productions The old Lair fell victim to flames, but like the phoenix, it has risen in a new location! Venue: Lyss’s Lair in Dead Drop [SLURL]. Date: Sunday, January 24, 2016 Time: 10:00 a.m. SLT Welcome to the jungle. Get out your Tarzan and Jane skins, Conan pants and panther loincloths, and come party... Read More