Body Found in Front of Daily Offices


The police were called to a grisly scene in front of our very own office this week. A woman’s body was found on the sidewalk just steps away from the Daily doors. Sources say it appears the victim was subjected to a brutal sexual assault that may have involved a blade of some kind based on the wounds. There was also a word carved into her chest, but the words were unintelligible.... Read More

Dead End Police Department Penetrated


I sat down with Captain Tarra Thorton on Monday and asked her a few questions about the Dead End Police Department. It has been rather quiet the last couple of weeks. Can we attribute that to fine policing, or is this just the calm before the storm? Thorton: “You can never have enough cops in a city like this. The roster is growing though, which is a good thing.” Maybe... Read More

What do we know about the Adherents Of Belial?

Deal of Belial

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and her opinion alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of any member of staff from the Dead End Daily News or the newspaper itself. Over the past two years I have reported on, and been a victim of the crimes of the Adherents Of Belial.  To many they are a public menace,... Read More

Was The District Attorney Stabbing Justified?

The Dead End Law Offices Just a short time ago there was a huge uproar as the city council was cleared out and new officials elected. Do we really know who we elected? Can we really trust the council members that have sworn to do whats best for our city? Last night, September 8th, there was a stabbing at the district attorney’s office that left Pagan Newport-Yheng in the hospital... Read More

DP Productions’ Fight Night: Mr. Jack vs Bex Kozel

Fight Night 02_001_001

In Dead End City, any night is a good night for a beating the piss out of someone. That is what we saw on Tuesday night, when the monthly DP Productions Fight Night took place at DP Productions’ own bar on the lot of their studio and office complex in Southeastern Dead Fall. As with any event of this kind, a member of the local emergency services was on standby to act... Read More

Water Park Grand Opening/Theft?


  There is a new water park in Dead End, or just outside of it.  It has a large above ground pool, with decking, a sand yard, sauna, bar, and ample seating and shade provided by umbrellas of different sorts.  Having attended the party for it’s opening, I was struck by the grandeur honestly, that and the fact that there seemed to have been quite a lot of horseplay that... Read More

Police Brutality strikes again!

DEPD staff Oakleaf

In every city there are good guys and bad guys, but what are we supposed to do when that distinction gets blurred? What about when the very people who are supposed to stand between you and the bad guy are actually the bad guys? What then? The Dead End Daily has highlighted many cases of DEPD incompetence and brutality over the years and despite our many cries for action it seems... Read More

Dead End to See Historic Tax Increases

By Staff Writer In previous years grants and support have been given to the city, but none of the funds that were given have been accounted for.  The City Council is under investigation for multiple charges, which include tax fraud, evasion, misappropriation of government funds, and possibly racketeering.  The investigation has moved along silently in the background for over a... Read More

Letter to the Editor: From Opus to the DEPD

Letter to the Editor graphic

After reading about the elevation of my status to the DEPD’s most wanted list, i find that I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s not because the pd is upping its efforts to find me, I’ve always found the bumbling of hapless fools to be a wealth of entertainment. The point i take issue with is the sum that has been offered for information that will... Read More

Sexual Liberation Expo


On March 13, 2016, the “Sexual Liberation Expo” opened and has run now for a full week.  It has been located on the coast at the same spot that the reality TV show’s glass house was located a few weeks before. There were numerous vendors, mostly local, hawking their mostly X-rated wares to the public.  The Yheng Pawn shop had a booth where they seemed to be... Read More