The Victims of the DE Bridge Bombing.

The Victims of the DE Bridge Bombing. By: Tiffany Thorson Staff Writer/Photographer   I don’t want to get known as the girl who brings doom and gloom to the paper, but I wanted to honor the ones who died in the best way I could.  I started by checking to see who had been reported missing in the week since the blast that not only the city but the country as well.  I started... Read More

Chinese New Year Dead End Style

Chinese New Years Dead End Style Last Saturday Dead End had its very own Chinese New Years celebration. The Dark Room owner Peni apparently has quite a fondness for the holiday. While this reporter is sure it was done with the best intention, there seemed to be a bit of a snafu. While most were in agreement, the food, booze, fireworks and decorations on one side of the street were... Read More

Jam and Eggplant

Guess who came  to  town!  Mr. Eggplant did! Well  he  didn’t say  his name was that….his name was  really  weird.  J, Mr. J  he said.  Who  has  a name  like that?  that is just   so  weird.  So  his  name henceforth is Mr. Eggplant!  He  dresses really  oddly too   in all purple.  At first I thought  he was the  One Eyed, One Horned, Purple... Read More

Lulu’s Halloween Bash

Lulu’s hosted the only party going on Halloween weekend and people showed up in droves to celebrate out among the fog and creepy clowns set up over the square. A holiday drink special, a smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita, and the house drink, the Cloud 9 Martini, made for a wonderfully boozy night of costumes and fun. Costumes ranged from a gladiator to Tinkerbell to a naughty... Read More

Persons and Places of Interest

Dead End is such an expansive city and, despite leaving much to be desired, it is almost bubbling over with interesting little shops, restaurants, romantic hideaways. The city is also filled with unique individuals that we simply just pass on the streets. I think it is time we get to know this wonderful city and all it has to offer! Each week I’ll be interviewing at least... Read More

Slim Goodies “Haunted Diner” Party

On October 22nd, Roisin Fitzgerald held a haunted diner party at Slim Goodies. From the lynched bloody teddy bear and free candy outside to the spooky window clings to the colorful (and delicious) banquet inside, she went all out on her decorations and set the bar high for the other parties later in the week! Despite a little tension between the staff and the partying police... Read More

Think Kink with Javier

Its Halloween! We all know that means sexing it up and strutting our stuff, after the kids go to bed, of course! I could go over all the costume or party ideas you’d ever need, but I’m not. That’s right, all your spooky planning is up to you! Instead of boring you with some drivel you could find in all the magazines right now, I’m presenting you with a... Read More

Lulu’s Halloween Bash

Lulu’s Halloween Bash Friday October 28   6pm slt Costume contest for best costume and best couple!  Read More

Eddie’s Tasty Delights

Eddie has been at it again, folks! On Monday the 26th, he held a rather successful tasting and premiered his first of many fall specialties. The pumpkin spice ice cream is made with pumpkin cream liquor and seemed to be a complete hit! Everyone should be flocking down to show the man some love for his delectable creations!  Read More

Break-in and Robbery at Lulu’s Bar And Grill

After an already eventful day in Dead End, two masked suspects decided to attack a local bar and terrorize its patrons and staff. These two women who were nicknamed “Dragon Ladies” seem to have left quite a trail of damages through the Dead End City square and into the bar. One patron was attacked and there seemed to be a hostage, but there was such chaos at the... Read More