Jam and Eggplant

Guess who came  to  town!  Mr. Eggplant did! Well  he  didn’t say  his name was that….his name was  really  weird.  J, Mr. J  he said.  Who  has  a name  like that?  that is just   so  weird.  So  his  name henceforth is Mr. Eggplant!  He  dresses really  oddly too   in all purple.  At first I thought  he was the  One Eyed, One Horned, Purple... Read More

Lulu’s Halloween Bash

Lulu’s hosted the only party going on Halloween weekend and people showed up in droves to celebrate out among the fog and creepy clowns set up over the square. A holiday drink special, a smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita, and the house drink, the Cloud 9 Martini, made for a wonderfully boozy night of costumes and fun. Costumes ranged from a gladiator to Tinkerbell to a naughty... Read More

Slim Goodies “Haunted Diner” Party

On October 22nd, Roisin Fitzgerald held a haunted diner party at Slim Goodies. From the lynched bloody teddy bear and free candy outside to the spooky window clings to the colorful (and delicious) banquet inside, she went all out on her decorations and set the bar high for the other parties later in the week! Despite a little tension between the staff and the partying police... Read More

Lulu’s Halloween Bash

Lulu’s Halloween Bash Friday October 28   6pm slt Costume contest for best costume and best couple!  Read More

Business Spotlight: Cherry Bomb Escorts

Cherry Bomb Escorts is a escort agency on the corner of Crimson Avenue  that had its grand opening on September 3, 2016. We sat down with owner Cherry to find out more. Cherry. What was it that made you decide to open Cherry Bomb? Cherry: There are lots of girls wandering the streets, so I wanted to give them a safe place to work in, and a place they can crash in if needed.... Read More

Meet Seven and the Sixes…and say farewell!

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Seven Forsythe of Penetration Records and the band Seven & the Sixes.  It is relatively rare that we have anyone of much talent linger in our city for longer than it takes them to get noticed in the slightest way, but Seven and the Sixes seem to be a band nominally based out of the area or at least with some band members who are from... Read More

Sexual Liberation Expo

On March 13, 2016, the “Sexual Liberation Expo” opened and has run now for a full week.  It has been located on the coast at the same spot that the reality TV show’s glass house was located a few weeks before. There were numerous vendors, mostly local, hawking their mostly X-rated wares to the public.  The Yheng Pawn shop had a booth where they seemed to be... Read More

Inseminations, Confrontations, and Incantations: Dead End’s Big Brothel Recap Two

Apollo Scribe Photographer and soon-to-be dad   Recap One of reality show Big Brothel left us hanging like the sticky cum off former boxer Babatunde Kunte’s cock after it had been in the behind of Yheng Transport Co. owner Ming Yheng. I apologise, dear reader, for the long wait, and present you with Recap Two. As Rose Berne played Pokemon, Kunte worked out with his dumbbells,... Read More

Thick Boxer Cock: Dead End’s Big Brothel Recap One

  This past weekend from Feb. 19 to 21, 2016, several male and female participants in a reality TV show were locked in a glass house with ample drinks, thrice-daily extra spicy Hung Dragon Eatery food deliveries, furniture and a captive TV and live studio audience. Lyssandra Ritter and her wife, Rhoslyn Ritter, heads of the Mamba group of businesses, set up this reality TV... Read More

The New Lulu’s

While the city has ground to a halt in the face of this terrible storm, it seems it was only an excuse for Lulu’s to get to work on an extensive set of renovations.  Upon visiting this Dead End institution, I was lucky enough to speak to Jennie Ireland, manager and co-owner of the establishment and talk to her about some of the changes.  According to her, there was no single... Read More