Mitt : Complicated Family Father? OR Cult Daddy?

Self professed , Cult Daddy Mitt VanderSmuttStock is back in the spotlight , this time it isn’t father of the year folks! Recently I was given cause to ask myself …. Just what is he? Loving ‘Family’ Father? or worse than The Preacher Dad in Footloose? I say he is the latter! Extreme religious zealot preying on the innocent of Dead End. He has... Read More

Building a Wall of Belial – Believers vs Bandits

this picture means crime has happened – blood, violence, death. After several complaints from our loyal readers on not covering this story, we on behalf of the Dead End Daily do want to issue an apology. The stack of paper work for this particular evening were outlandish, and after sorting through the files, conducting several interviews, as well as long term research –... Read More

Poor Mela! Bad Mela! Sick Mela! Prison Mela!

I have never let my personal feelings and thoughts get expressed on the pages of The Daily. I step outside my role as hot lady cop, and just tell the truth, but this time, let me say YUCK! Local ex business woman and ex wife of ex cult leader Dion, ex citizen of Dead End, Mela ” Crazy Pants” Wardenington, was found by a friend who was never at the scene.Laying in a... Read More

News of the week!! You could be here ……

Hello Dead End Readers  It has been such a full week  that I am just going to  skim over some of the highlights … and gossip … I had a chance last week to visit with local trained misogynist and employee of  local alleged gang hub the DE Massage Parlor Bexley Kozel-blahblah.   I asked her about  a murder that happened at the Parlor  mere hours before and ... Read More

Murder! Murder! Kill! Kill!

Blood.  Lot’s of blood and guts! Entrails for miles and miles.   A scene so horrific and stunning that local  authorities  reportedly said , ” I nearly tossed my donuts “.   Spree killer  Cesar “Papi”Pablo Diego Jose Francisco Juan Nepomuceno Cipriano de la Santísima Diaz is at it again !  Why has he not been stopped ? This reporter  reached... Read More

Serbicorp Industries, DEMH, and Mad Men!

Dead End Memorial Hospital/Asylum – Main Entrance   I took the time to sit down with a friend of mine who was able to get some dirt on a few things going on in town. Andra Binkova. She seemed to know a lot about the goings on in Dead recently so she decided to share. As you may have heard a few Russians had been in town since oh the past 10 years but something is going... Read More

M is for Murder P is for Penis and Peninnah

The Owner of the Dark Room received a love note this week !  It was  from no ordinary lover , and marked the  return of  one of  the cities most prolific serial rapists, killers, and drug dealers. He’s a heartbreaker. A dream maker! A love taker! Don’t you mess around with him .. That’s right Cesar is back.  His love note was left carved into a fresh kill... Read More

NEW TO DE : The Discretion HotLine

Like that photo? Got your attention? Well guess what! This is completely unrelated. But it’s important, so read on. Hey all you victims out there !!!  Been raped ? Been beaten and  robbed? Have you,  or  a loved one been murdered ? And you just don’t want those  POLICE involved ? Worried they will arrest you ? Maybe you just like being Anonymous! Now you have an... Read More

Interview with DE’s newest Internet Sensation

By: The real Ren I recently sat down for a one on one  with myself , to get to the bottom of my recent disappearance  asking myself the tough questions  only I can answer , first let me set the scene. Think of any Panic at the Disco video you have ever  seen , my kidnapping  was like being trapped inside one of those . ( )  The... Read More

Dead End Renters Hit By Rent Hike

We should all take a moment  to welcome  new local business Bayne Realty,  and it’s owner Ms Andi Bayne!  Or should we?  Is she still the  cupcake toting pink icing  covered Andi we all know  and love ?  Or is she the “Bayne” of Dead Enders new existence.   I say she is a pariah plaguing an  already downtrodden community , lofting rents to well above... Read More