Brutal Cop Arrests Victims and Leaves Injured to Suffer in Streets.

By: Tiffany Thorson, Staff Writer   I could feel my heart beating, and my eyes filling with tears as I lay in a puddle of what might have recently been a human, mixed with salsa. My face half dipped in the goop that was once a terrorist suspect. How did this happen to me? My entire body ached from the electrical charge that was sent through my body. I was simply trying to... Read More

Tarra Thorton Announces Candidacy for DE City Council

Police Capitan Tarra Thorton Announces Candidacy By: Tiffany Thorson: Staff Writer   At a party at the Dark Room, PD Capt. Tarra Thorton announces that she was planning to run for city council. As she was leaving after telling me that a file would be available to the press for the capture of the terrorist groups plaguing Dead End.   “But I will say this, as part of my... Read More

Founder’s Day in Dead End, A Celebration in History

Founder’s Day Celebrations coming to Dead End By: Cassie Nelson Intern Editor   The streets are alive with the celebration of Dead End’s founder’s week festivities. A The founder’s week celebration will celebrate over 200 years of Dead End history and the century that it has spent as an official city. The festivities that are supposed to start on Saturday April, 1st... Read More

Meet Dead End’s New Saviors

Meet Dead End’s Saviors By: Cassie Nelson Intern Editor Today I had the privilege of speaking with Dominic Morgan from Morgan and Morgan Investments. He is a member of one of the investment groups that Chairman Horn is working with to improve Dead End. The City Council has mixed reviews of Mr. Horn’s proposed investments. And, anger at the fact that he started taking out loans... Read More

Cult Activity and Shame Tacos

Cult Activity Alive in Dead End By: Cassie Nelson Intern Editor The Dead End town square has been the point of many activities, from lovely dates to criminal gang violence, and even the occasional religious event.  But lately, the square has taken a more mellow feel.  Until a few days ago, when the reports of pentagrams made from human blood were reported to the DEPD.  In that... Read More

City Council Chairman Gives Speech of Hope.

City Council Chairman Gives Speech of Hope. By: Cassie Nelson DE Daily Intern Editor   Chairman Donald D. Horn giving a speech in front of the DEPD.     With the national new scene roaring once again about the strife and upheaval in Dead End Chairman Donald D. Horn decided that it was time to put some of the fears that residents of Dead End have about the state of... Read More

After The Fall ROCKS Dead End

After the Fall ROCKS Dead End! By: Tiffany Thorson Last week the Jury Room was proud to introduce a live show, something that was missing from the DE scene. The bar filled to capacity as the band started to tear into some killer riffs and brought the noise that only a fulfilling show can bring. The band was a three-piece show that brought all the rocking tunes you would expect from... Read More

Extremists Take to Dead End Streets, Again.

Extremists Take to Dead End Streets, Again! By: Staff Writer Tiffany Thorson.   The streets are becoming a war zone in Dead End with fascist elements coming out of the woodwork to take over the streets.  Earlier today outside of the offices of the Daily I was shaken by the sounds of some screaming outside.  I grabbed my camera and coffee and went outside to see what was going... Read More

Power Outages in DE

Power Outages Plague DE By Tiffany Thorson High winds across the state have lead to over a million Michigan citizens without power today. While power in Dead in remains on the demands on the damaged grid are causing brown outs and blackouts through the city. Power crews are working hard to try to maintain the grid, but it isn’t enough. Some buildings like the Flick Your Bean Production... Read More

Pagan, The Rabbit Pimp


Pagan Newport is one of many people here in this city that should be brought down as well. Mrs. Rabbit will not be abused and treated like a whore as he did with her. He will not be this rabbits pimp either. Pagan Newport will be brought down with all the other devils hiding in the city. Look at this picture!  Look at how he made the poor rabbit of mine some whore in bed…then... Read More