Missing person! Missing person!


The Beast has yet  taken another  poor soul down to the depths of  its hellish nightmare.  Please help them  be found and  brought back  to their owners! It is  a dire time for us all with those  dragons and  wolves   lurking about the shadows! Name: Simon Payne (( legacy name- simonpayne )) Age 22 Description- average build 5’5 white hair gray eyes Last known... Read More

Beast Among Us!

Lately I heard some rumors. Scary rumors. Rumors that there are beasts roaming our streets, hiding in the shadows. Who are they? Where do they come from? I am a rabbit that needs protecting! Thankfully I also heard rumors that there are the protectors among us too! I was so happy to hear that, I don’t want to be eaten or mauled by a horrible beast! I heard them howling at... Read More

Dark Room’s January VIP Promotion

Dark Room’s January VIP Promotion Ever wonder how VIP’s get treated. You are in luck, PAPI Productions in conjuncture with the Dark Room are running an I’d Hit That promotion. Come on down to the Dark Room, Peni the owner is waiting. What is it you need to do, thats simple. Peni is looking for take charge kinds of people to fill the VIP Roster. Walk over, grab... Read More

Glitter ISIS

Victim Always The Victim (Editor’s note we have no idea.) Glitter Isis On January 11, 2017, chaos struck in DE, when an innocent was tormented by a ruthless gang of Hellcats, as she was used for the sole purpose of a cruel joke and for their own amusement. Strapping a bomb around the woman she was forced to head out into the streets of Dead End. From Lulus and throughout the... Read More

Clean Slate

CLEAN SLATE!! Yes Dead End, We are having a clean slate event right here in our beloved city! What is a clean slate event? Well.. Its where everyone gathers in the Basket Ball courts behind Slim Goodies Diner, and if you have a grudge.. if you have beef with anyone in the town.. Lets settle it.. right then and there! Get your frustrations out from this past year, and start over... Read More

Haunted House Nightmare


  A spectacular haunted house was set up this year at the fairgrounds and seemed to be a hot with folks from all over the city. Visitors had to make their way through a twisted corn maze then venture through a multi-level house with secret walls and surprises lurking. Despite a few reports of actual attacks, the attraction seemed to be an overall hit for Halloween! Unfortunately,... Read More

Lulu’s Halloween Bash


Lulu’s hosted the only party going on Halloween weekend and people showed up in droves to celebrate out among the fog and creepy clowns set up over the square. A holiday drink special, a smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita, and the house drink, the Cloud 9 Martini, made for a wonderfully boozy night of costumes and fun. Costumes ranged from a gladiator to Tinkerbell to a naughty... Read More

Bodies Wash Up Behind Inn


Over the weekend a call came in for two bodies that were discovered on the beach behind Dick’s Halfway Inn during a DEFD water training session being held by Fire Chief Lucas Bayne. There was obviously quick response from the DEPD to assist in the case, though I am sure there will be a discussion on handling such events since one officer decided to poke at one of the bodies... Read More

Persons and Places of Interest


Dead End is such an expansive city and, despite leaving much to be desired, it is almost bubbling over with interesting little shops, restaurants, romantic hideaways. The city is also filled with unique individuals that we simply just pass on the streets. I think it is time we get to know this wonderful city and all it has to offer! Each week I’ll be interviewing at least... Read More

Think Kink with Javier


Its Halloween! We all know that means sexing it up and strutting our stuff, after the kids go to bed, of course! I could go over all the costume or party ideas you’d ever need, but I’m not. That’s right, all your spooky planning is up to you! Instead of boring you with some drivel you could find in all the magazines right now, I’m presenting you with a... Read More