NEW TO DE : The Discretion HotLine

Dead End Fire Department Chief Lucas Bayne receives thunderous applause after his "helicopter" dance. -- Photo by WHY KNOT.

Like that photo? Got your attention? Well guess what! This is completely unrelated. But it’s important, so read on. Hey all you victims out there !!!  Been raped ? Been beaten and  robbed? Have you,  or  a loved one been murdered ? And you just don’t want those  POLICE involved ? Worried they will arrest you ? Maybe you just like being Anonymous! Now you have an... Read More

Interview with DE’s newest Internet Sensation

By: The real Ren I recently sat down for a one on one  with myself , to get to the bottom of my recent disappearance  asking myself the tough questions  only I can answer , first let me set the scene. Think of any Panic at the Disco video you have ever  seen , my kidnapping  was like being trapped inside one of those . ( )  The... Read More

Dead End Renters Hit By Rent Hike

We should all take a moment  to welcome  new local business Bayne Realty,  and it’s owner Ms Andi Bayne!  Or should we?  Is she still the  cupcake toting pink icing  covered Andi we all know  and love ?  Or is she the “Bayne” of Dead Enders new existence.   I say she is a pariah plaguing an  already downtrodden community , lofting rents to well above... Read More

Purple Haze Looms Over Dead End

There is a new shop in town called Purple Haze. Come join DE’s newest entrepreneur Rhiannon York for a Street Party  this Saturday , May 13 from 12-(SLT)  till the munchies  run out.  It’s always 4:20 at Purple haze ,  except for the  Street party which is at noon. This Saturday . May 13.  Read More

Mystery Disappearance of Local Cult Darling

Local  Dark Room Owner Ms  Peninnah Aisley  mysteriously  disappeared for a number of  days  recently.  No social media , no contact with  co workers and friends.  She simply vanished .  On April 30  2017,  Ms  Peninah Aisley  went to Dead Fall Beach , to take a swim and  read her Belial Bible ,  a  female friend who’d gone with her had to leave to make a sacrifice... Read More

Hunt on for Local Dildo-a-nator


Local business owner  Lewis ” The Dildo-a-nator”  Hunter, as he prefers to be called,   is in some deep  trouble  after being caught doing some very bad things on the once pristine  streets of our fair  city.  He recently has taken over the local  pawn shop, though it seems this derelict businessman  prefers to linger in the grittier seedier side of  town... Read More

Bean Rally Turns to Chaos

Hail 45 Linked to Bean Rally Attack By: Tiffany Thorson: Staff Writer. At a recent rally for DE City Council Underdog, Bean Newport Yheng, we were shocked to see the candidate wasn’t actually at her own rally. Instead, she claims that the police captain Tarra Thorton had it out for her. So, it would be safer for all involved if she could live stream everything through a Joker... Read More

Bid for City Council Ends In Chaos

  Bid for City Council Ends in Chaos By: Cassie Nelson DE Daily Intern Editor   City council candidate Tarra Thorton was giving the first speech on the campaign trail today when suddenly shouts and shots rang out. Someone screamed that there was a bomb. I was under fire like so many brave journalists before me putting myself on the line to get the facts, for you, the... Read More

Local Porn Maverick Applies for City Council Position.

By: Cassie Nelson: Intern Editor In the kitchen of the Flick Your Bean Production Building there was a sparkle of energy as the owner and operator of Flick Your Bean Productions announced that she was going to run for one of the two city council seats on a Freak Power ticket. “You see, the city has become kinda dull and stuff, so I figured my platform will be, Make Politics... Read More

Rates Hike in DE Linked to City Investors.

Rates Hike in DE Linked to City Investors By: Tiffany Thorson Staff Writer   Dead End Savings and Loan has been a mainstay for Dead End residents for years. The bank was around when Harriet Fletcher set up her first hotel in 1867 and it has been there making loans for the people of Dead End ever since. That is until the housing bubble popped a few years ago, leaving the bank... Read More