Missing person! Missing person!

The Beast has yet  taken another  poor soul down to the depths of  its hellish nightmare.  Please help them  be found and  brought back  to their owners! It is  a dire time for us all with those  dragons and  wolves   lurking about the shadows! Name: Simon Payne (( legacy name- simonpayne )) Age 22 Description- average build 5’5 white hair gray eyes Last known... Read More

What do we know about the Adherents Of Belial?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and her opinion alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of any member of staff from the Dead End Daily News or the newspaper itself. Over the past two years I have reported on, and been a victim of the crimes of the Adherents Of Belial.  To many they are a public menace,... Read More

Was The District Attorney Stabbing Justified?

The Dead End Law Offices Just a short time ago there was a huge uproar as the city council was cleared out and new officials elected. Do we really know who we elected? Can we really trust the council members that have sworn to do whats best for our city? Last night, September 8th, there was a stabbing at the district attorney’s office that left Pagan Newport-Yheng in the hospital... Read More

Interview with the Jake Geist, candidate for City Council

I recently had the opportunity to sit down in a rickety lawn chair in front of the mechanic shop called “Busted Knuckle” that Jake Geist and his two sister-candidates also work out of, Dee and Christi.  Upon speaking with him, he said that he could represent their views as well given they all were running on the same platform. After preliminary pleasantries were dispensed... Read More

City Council Debate

Friday, June 3rd, the Dead End Daily and Dead End Theater co-hosted a debate sponsored in the hopes of bringing greater clarity to the people of Dead End as to the candidates they will be casting their votes for and their positions on the issues.  Questions from Assistant Daily Editor Karel Villota and myself, Aria Sharple, were drawn from as a pool.  There were four candidates... Read More