Become a Reporter!

Are you interested in promoting a story that impacts the community? Or maybe your character has an opinion on politics in the city? Whatever it may be, the Dead End Daily Newspaper is a tool you can use to write articles and stories from an in-character perspective and share with the rest of the community. It’s also a great way to promote events and stories your group are into.

How to Register

All new registrants are considered “contributors” to the newspaper, therefore allowing you to create articles and upload photos. Once reviewed by our editors, the article will be officially published.

Register Here:

Requirements for Article

All articles are posted for the benefit of the community. Whether it’s an interesting IC editorial, news piece on a story you’re involved that impacts the city, or even an IC advertisement, you’re welcome to use the Observer to get the word out!

Publishing articles are at the discretion of the Editor who may even modify your piece to meet community standards.

Text Requirements

  • Article length is at the discretion of the writer. At the very minimum, a statement of several sentences will do.
  • Be sure to use the format options (bold, paragraph/headers, italicized, bullet points, etc.) when writing an article. To see all format options, click on the “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” button that’s located all the way to the right of the basic format buttons.
  • Preview your article so it looks sexy before posting! (formatted correctly with images).

Photo Requirements

  • All articles require images with the minimum width of 960 pixels and minimum height of 500 pixels
  • You may upload your own or use existing stock photos in the media library.
  • No nudity.

How to Upload Photos and Embed in Article:

When creating an article, click on the image button next to the heading “Upload/Insert”. Follow instructions that appear to upload image.

When your image is uploaded, click on the “Show” link to see options for that photo, then use the options available to position the image and insert it into the post.

How to use Stock Photos

Stock photos are images we’ve taken and kept in our library for use in articles, just in case the author is unable to take his/her own photos.

To insert a stock photo, click on the image button next to the “Upload/Insert” header and then click on the “Media Library” link. You may then search for “stock” to see our selection of photos or even use keywords that best describe your article to find related images.