WANTED by the Church of St Hank and the Rehabilitation program… For crimes against humanity, including but not limited to… Necrobeastialanalbuttsex, rubbing against barn yard animals, taking the Lords name in Vain, tearing the tags off of pillows, not keeping the sacrament holy, stealing Girl Scout Cookies, Kidnapping, Possibly homoerotic behavior under a Pence Vice Presidency, Protesting The Peach crayon calling for it to be called Flesh, Chicken fucking,... Read More


With a large portion of the city covered in glitter, slime and or cake and the DEPD and DEFD racing from one business to the next to put out fires and rescue victims it seemed like the end of the night would never ever come. especially when the third 911 call came in and had the emergency services scrambling like mad.  According to the caller, Bean Newport, a final four presents had been placed: DEMH, Fresh Foods Market, Ground Zero Surplus and a ” Grand Final Gift”... Read More


Easy 8’s bombed, owner Lucas Baynes injured. With  the DEPD and DEFD on full alert, the former in riot gear and the latter dressed for the apocalypse and one third of the businesses in Dead End shut down or shutting down on their own simply to be safe Friday night in DE was a dangerous place to be and about to grow even more dangerous.  With the Fire department rolling up their hoses and ready to retire hopefully for the evening another 911 call came in alerting the services... Read More

Friday Night Bombs Lay Waste To Half Of Dead End Part 1.

Roughhouse Biker Bar, Closed til Monday for clean up. The trouble started when Ecto 1, a replica of the ghostbusters car made it’s way  through Dead End heading for the Roughhouse.  Anyone who’s been in Dead End a while knows that car well and knows to get out of it’s way, Bean’s on a mission!  And was she ever. With promises in the DE Daily to make life hell for anyone who’d helped out Dee Geist, belonged to the HellCats Motorcycle Club or simply... Read More

Jade Dragon Owner Assaulted, Arrested, Business Gassed.

 Less than an hour after the bombing at the Roughhouse that incapacitated ” Titi” a Jack in the Box was placed just outside of the Jade Dragon, local sushi eatery, Hellcat’s hang out and business owned by Raven Panthar who happens to be ” dating” the mad bomber Dee Geist.  Ms. Geist, whom was apparently inside the Jade Dragon when the toy was found called 911 and reported the bomb.  Unfortunately for Former Rookie Officer Jarek Wesley, who chose... Read More

Pipe Bomber Identified!

  Masked, bomb wielding suspect. Shouted ” Fuck’n Yhengs” as she fled Identified! ” Dee” Known PCP user Identified as Pipe Bomber One week ago today, the District Attorney’s office was blown up in the late night hours. The intent of the bomber was to kill, maim and do the utmost damage to District Attorney Pagan Newport for his ties to his ” adopted” family the Yhengs headed up by the Matriarch Ming Yheng.  This fact was made... Read More

Assault in Train Yard Leaves Questions, Suspect Escapes Custody

On Friday evening, just after the late edition of the Daily including bean Newport’s promise of revenge on Dead End ,  police were called down to the train yard after a call for help.   The details are sketchy at best, in fact it’s not clear to either the DEPD nor this reporter how police were informed. Some claim the downed officer Hrolf called for assistance though off duty, others claim an anonymous 911 call.  However the police got there when they arrived it... Read More

District Attorney’s Office Fire Bombed

Sgt Blackheart pulling DA Pagan Newport from the burning building. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 17th,  District Attorney Pagan Newport was working late when a masked pink haired woman pried open the back door to the legal offices and tossed a pair of pipe bombs in.   As if that wasn’t enough, the woman then took the time to fling several small objects at the district attorney ( later found to be I bolts) before making her escape.  Before the DA could give... Read More

Nude Shenanigans In PD End With Officer Injured

Naked Bean Newport Attempts to make a break for it after overstimulating Officer Saddiq Amat In what can only be called a comedy of errors , Porn Starlet bean Newport attempted to escape her jail cell Sunday night.  Captured on CCTV and being played for anyone who knows someone who knows someone that works in the DEPD  Officer Saddiq Amat was teased and tormented by the seductively undressing Porn Princess until he simply could take it no longer. After  “Stumbling”... Read More

Stolen SWAT Vehicle Recovered, Hauled Off For Scrap

What started with  911 call ended in chaos once again here in Dead End.  The 911 caller phoned in to say the DEPD SWAT vehicle that had been missing for nearly a week had only just run down a line of Harleys in front of the Roughhouse.  From there the caller went on to say that Little Bo Peep, Alice from Wonderland ( not to be confused with the oft in trouble Lambert), and a demon man had tumbled from the stolen vehicle. The cool under pressure dispatcher suggest the caller... Read More