Now Hiring Reporters and Interns

Do reality shows intrigue you? Have you always wondered about why people hold orgies? Especially church orgies? Are you fascinated by parking disputes? Keen to dig deep into corruption, cartels, and food hygiene violations? Are you a newshound with a keen sense of curiosity? Then submit your application to be a reporter or intern at the Dead End Daily to the pink mailbox at our downtown office. No experience needed. We are also looking to hire one (1) bodyguard. Ability... Read More

Photographers & Reporters Wanted!

HELP WANTED Freelance Writers/Reporters– willing to cover local stories, fulfill assignments in timely manner.  An interest in learning the truth ad willingness to go the extra mile a must. Columnists–  Horoscopes, Advice to the Lovelorn,  Helpful Household Hints? We’ve got a place for you as well.  If you’re interested in running a bi weekly column please contact us. Photographers– Wanted desperately.  Have you got an eye for the dramatic? Know... Read More