Haunted House Nightmare

  A spectacular haunted house was set up this year at the fairgrounds and seemed to be a hot with folks from all over the city. Visitors had to make their way through a twisted corn maze then venture through a multi-level house with secret walls and surprises lurking. Despite a few reports of actual attacks, the attraction seemed to be an overall hit for Halloween! Unfortunately, on Sunday October 30th, tragedy struck resulting in mass chaos. There is a saying “this... Read More

Bodies Wash Up Behind Inn

Over the weekend a call came in for two bodies that were discovered on the beach behind Dick’s Halfway Inn during a DEFD water training session being held by Fire Chief Lucas Bayne. There was obviously quick response from the DEPD to assist in the case, though I am sure there will be a discussion on handling such events since one officer decided to poke at one of the bodies causing it to expel some rotting goo. Due to the quick response and investigation, it was discovered... Read More

Persons and Places of Interest

Dead End is such an expansive city and, despite leaving much to be desired, it is almost bubbling over with interesting little shops, restaurants, romantic hideaways. The city is also filled with unique individuals that we simply just pass on the streets. I think it is time we get to know this wonderful city and all it has to offer! Each week I’ll be interviewing at least one individual and highlighting at least one business. Police Captain Tarra Thorton Most people in... Read More

Body Found in Front of Daily Offices

The police were called to a grisly scene in front of our very own office this week. A woman’s body was found on the sidewalk just steps away from the Daily doors. Sources say it appears the victim was subjected to a brutal sexual assault that may have involved a blade of some kind based on the wounds. There was also a word carved into her chest, but the words were unintelligible. On the woman’s torso, however, the words “Mano de la Muerte” were very visible.... Read More

Dead End Police Department Penetrated

I sat down with Captain Tarra Thorton on Monday and asked her a few questions about the Dead End Police Department. It has been rather quiet the last couple of weeks. Can we attribute that to fine policing, or is this just the calm before the storm? Thorton: “You can never have enough cops in a city like this. The roster is growing though, which is a good thing.” Maybe it is indeed the fine work of our local upstanding officers that has gotten the vagrants of the... Read More

Was The District Attorney Stabbing Justified?

The Dead End Law Offices Just a short time ago there was a huge uproar as the city council was cleared out and new officials elected. Do we really know who we elected? Can we really trust the council members that have sworn to do whats best for our city? Last night, September 8th, there was a stabbing at the district attorney’s office that left Pagan Newport-Yheng in the hospital and one Alice Thorn in a lonely jail. DEPD Captain Tarra Thorton let the Daily know that Ms... Read More

Explosion Rocks Red Light District

Terror and panic struck the heart of the Red Light District on Monday Night when visitors to the tents hosting free breast exams with free food and drink for all those in attendance on the vacant site of the former hotel which is in the middle of being redeveloped. It is believed the same thieves responsible for stealing a batch of recalled Boner Booster’s from Axe Pharmaceuticals drove the van containing the pills mid-way down Crimson Avenue and once the road became congested... Read More

DEPD Now Hiring [Advertisement]

The DEPD is now hiring! Please see any member of the police department to apply. But word to the wise: if you see the Captain, you had better come prepared.   The Dead End Daily does not endorse any of the contents of this advertisement, and is publishing it only in the spirit of a free press.  Read More

DEPD Captain Kidnapped And Raped At The Dark Room

  On Sunday night the Dark Room hosted a specially themed night party in honor of the recently released Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad” which has recently started it’s run at the Dead End Theater. The Dark Room was decorated to look like a scene straight from the movie. Many citizens came as their favorite characters, so it was a veritable mix of Harley Quinns, Jokers, and even a Deadshot. However amongst all the fun of this publicly advertised... Read More

Local Charity Victim Of Terrorist Attack

With the recent flooding and it’s aftermath dominating the news in Dead End over the past week or so an incident that happened a night or two before the storms began has only just come to light terrifyingly it appears to be yet another terrorist attack in our city this time on a local charitable organization that helps the city’s homeless population. Sometime during the night of 18th August Dead End Police Department and Dead End Fire Department were called to... Read More