A Message from the Dead End Syndicate

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The name says it all, the Rough House is no stranger to rough scenes. But this week it got a little too rough. Last thursday november 19th a couple of women, suspected of belonging to the Pawns, drove their old Deuce and a Half into the Rough House, which is the well known hang out place for the Hellcats. And when I say ‘into’ I really mean into – the truck didn’t stop right before hitting the bar, taking out half the front, a window and the door of the... Read More

Street Wars

Earlier I wrote about the lack of street safety in Dead End. Little did I realize it would turn for the worse within such a short time. Two of our city’s most notorious gangs have declared war upon each other and are taking the fights to the streets. The Hellcats set up a roadblock today in order to ambush the Pawns, who responded with force. An eyewitness tells about a true battle having been waged in our streets. No weapons were shunned and people got stabbed with knives,... Read More