Warning For A Bloodbath?

The problem with living in Dead End is not so much the broken down transport system, the potholes in the roads, the endless mugging or the multitude of skimpy dressed floozies. It’s the crazies that at some point can really get to you. We at the Daily News get letters, photographs and even videos of crazy people by the dozens every single day. Most of the time you as a reader may never notice this, because we filter out the unicorn sucking fan-club, the booger collector... Read More

Captain Manx Demoted – County Sherriffs Running the Show

There’s a new sheriff in town. Yes, a sheriff. Sheriff Duvall and the Dead End County Sheriff’s Department have joined forces with the Dead End Police Department in an effort to investigate the tragic death of the late Senator Smith-Hammer. During this investigation Sheriff Duvall will be heading the Dead End Police while former-captain Shade Manx, along with other high ranking officers, step down from their positions. Despite the odd approach to a team up, Sheriff... Read More

Harvey Federal Institue Under Investigation

Harvey Federal Institute After a local Judge made a visit to HFI recently and noticed some ” Unusual ” things going on which he felt a need to report Harvey Federal Institute has been under investigation.   Rumors abound that the inmates have been abused, neglected, tortured and tormented.  In several instances there have been complaints of lice and bedbugs resulting in all bedding and clothing havning been removed from the inmates leaving them naked and vulnerable... Read More