Bodies Wash Up Behind Inn

Over the weekend a call came in for two bodies that were discovered on the beach behind Dick’s Halfway Inn during a DEFD water training session being held by Fire Chief Lucas Bayne. There was obviously quick response from the DEPD to assist in the case, though I am sure there will be a discussion on handling such events since one officer decided to poke at one of the bodies causing it to expel some rotting goo. Due to the quick response and investigation, it was discovered... Read More

Body Found in Front of Daily Offices

The police were called to a grisly scene in front of our very own office this week. A woman’s body was found on the sidewalk just steps away from the Daily doors. Sources say it appears the victim was subjected to a brutal sexual assault that may have involved a blade of some kind based on the wounds. There was also a word carved into her chest, but the words were unintelligible. On the woman’s torso, however, the words “Mano de la Muerte” were very visible.... Read More

Shadow Stalker Strikes Again.

A second letter from the shady sociopath calling themselves the Shadow Stalker has been left at the Daily along with a new and graphically grotesque video. In the short and horrifying clip, the robed figure is shown murdering the woman by plunging a knife into her heart. Based on appearance and previous form, it is likely the victim was held and tortured for days before her death. Accompanying the video, the psychopath included the following letter in which they claimed responsibility... Read More

Warning For A Bloodbath?

The problem with living in Dead End is not so much the broken down transport system, the potholes in the roads, the endless mugging or the multitude of skimpy dressed floozies. It’s the crazies that at some point can really get to you. We at the Daily News get letters, photographs and even videos of crazy people by the dozens every single day. Most of the time you as a reader may never notice this, because we filter out the unicorn sucking fan-club, the booger collector... Read More


Police are on the hunt for a dangerous killer after a woman was stabbed to death outside Lulu’s on Thursday morning. The victim, Ophelia Ringer, a young woman passing through town was violently attacked by a masked woman. It is believed the incident was the latest in a string of ugly and vicious attacks by the so called Adherents of Belial, a cult already held responsible for so much of the horror on our streets this year. A closer look at the killer It was reported that... Read More

Pawnshop theft and murder?

We all know the pawnshop is iffy at best. Is there anything for sale there that isn’t stolen? And how come this Xelala who runs the place can hand out money like it was water, giving out loans and buying stuff from any origin, when in fact she’s only twenty years old? She might present herself as a community worker, but isn’t she a bit young to play the rich philanthropic? Those might very well be questions people could ask. Some guys from Russian origin certainly... Read More

Reverend Jones Murdered by Local Cult

Instead of the usual late night broadcasting on April 27th, Television fanatics and casual viewers alike were treated to a sinister beheading by what appeared to be the cult of Belial. Four members of the cult were in attendance while a fifth person was also in the unknown location; however he was not a guest, but a sacrifice. While the ring leader of the attack gave a compelling sermon, the victim who was identified as Reverend Jones, was tied and his head resting on a chopping... Read More

Local Menace Tortured and Murdered by Local Vigilantes

What is wrong with this city? After having seen one crucifixion, yet another? We’re falling from one excruciating scene into the next. When will this end? Can anyone tell us what the hell is going on? The turmoil began some weeks ago with the announcement of the prohibition. That was also when the kidnappings started. One after another, Vie MacClawden, Nick Kytori, Rhoslyn Ritter and Titi were abducted, disappeared for a few days and came back a changed person. The kidnappings... Read More

Lulu’s Manager Found Dead in her Home

On March 17, the burning body of a woman was found at the Islandside apartments after a 9-1-1 call from an unknown caller. By the time emergency services had arrived the body was already burned beyond recognition. In addition, the victim’s head and face had been mangled with blunt force trauma and teeth had been removed and shattered. Because of this, the body was only identified by close friends to be Belladonna “Bells” Fenne by a necklace she had been wearing. Officer... Read More

Senator A.S Smith-Hammer Dead After Mugging

The body of Senator A.S. Smith-Hammer was found on Thursday under the bridge leading to the Red Light District after an apparent mugging. It appears that the senator was severely beaten with construction wood and slashed at with a broken beer bottle. Despite his extensive injuries, it is still unclear as to what caused death. Identification of the killing blow is further hindered as the murderer had taken the time to draw clown make-up on to the man before robbing him and fleeing... Read More