A Message from the Dead End Syndicate

  The Dead End Daily does not endorse the contents of this message. We are only publishing it in the name of free speech.  Read More

Police raid on Pawn Shop

On Sunday, Jan. 24, the police performed a massive raid on the Pawn Shop. A task force of officers was unleashed onto the shop. Multiple arrests were made and the shop is closed until further notice. The owner of the shop, Xelen Yheng, has been missing since and could not be found for comments. The police haven’t revealed anything yet about their motive. Rumor has it that it has something to do with recent events such as the assault on the District Attorney’s office... Read More

District Attorney Cara Crowe Tased In Office

by K. Villota On Jan. 1, a group of anonymous masked women broke into the District Attorney’s office, taking a woman and a man hostage while ransacking the office. The police attempted to arrest them, bringing with them multiple vehicles, but the masked women fled in a red bus after a policewoman was injured in the commotion. The kidnapped woman was tased and several others involved were also injured. An anonymous citizen with white, pink and blue hair cocked her head... Read More

Public Services Dead End Grand Opening

by K. Villota On the afternoon of Saturday, November 28th, 2015, Public Services Dead End (PSDE) held its grand opening at the basketball court near the Dead End diner. Xelan Yheng, 20, is the CEO of Public Services Dead End, a business that deals in waste management and city cleaning. She is also the owner of the Dead End Pawn Shop. Public Services Dead End has been commissioned by the city to keep the streets of Dead End clean through four activities: garbage collecting,... Read More

Black Friday Attack on the Pawn Shop

by K. Villota Around 6:00 p.m. on Black Friday, November 27, 2015, the Dead End Pawn Shop was attacked by a group of unknown people wearing dark clothing. Bashing in the door with baseball bats, they caused a commotion in the shop. A lawn gnome was seen thrown out the window, shattering into pieces on the ground. The DEPD tased two women who were suspected to be accomplices to the incident, including one with pink hair. It is not known as of press time who exactly the main attackers... Read More


The name says it all, the Rough House is no stranger to rough scenes. But this week it got a little too rough. Last thursday november 19th a couple of women, suspected of belonging to the Pawns, drove their old Deuce and a Half into the Rough House, which is the well known hang out place for the Hellcats. And when I say ‘into’ I really mean into – the truck didn’t stop right before hitting the bar, taking out half the front, a window and the door of the... Read More

Street Wars

Earlier I wrote about the lack of street safety in Dead End. Little did I realize it would turn for the worse within such a short time. Two of our city’s most notorious gangs have declared war upon each other and are taking the fights to the streets. The Hellcats set up a roadblock today in order to ambush the Pawns, who responded with force. An eyewitness tells about a true battle having been waged in our streets. No weapons were shunned and people got stabbed with knives,... Read More

Streets of Dead End

Traffic is killing. The numbers don’t lie. Every year there are more accidents and fatalities in the streets of Dead End. It’s only logical the DEPD is trying to do everything in it’s power to take measures and get street maniacs under control. However, sometimes the means are worse than the ends, according to some people. Last sunday a police patrol came across one of the most notorious Hellcats known as Titi. She was riding her bike in such a way, it was clear... Read More

Crime Wave Sweeps City

Fresh on the heels of one of the largest terrorist attacks on the city in recent years, it appears the criminal element of this city has taken advantage of the resulting chaos to further their aim of corrupting what good is left in this city. Watch dog groups have reported a dramatic increase in cocaine sales, and required public postings of police department assets has shed let on a disconcertingly high rate of vehicle theft against squad cars the past week. Capping this spike... Read More

The Magpie Treasure Hunt

The Magpie I’ve been called a thief and a criminal. But only by losers. What some people call theft, we call redistribution of wealth. We’re sick and tired of a society that’s only interested in protecting the haves from the have nots. To this end we are making a statement and we’ll redistribute what we have confiscated from those that didn’t want to share and share it with you, the people. For the next fourteen days I, also known as the Magpie, will... Read More