Citizens Warning. Beware.

Citizens are advised to be on the look out for suspicious activity today after a threatening note was left at the Daily Offices. Proving that not all poetry and prose is pretty, violence is threatened by means of the below ditty. Remember, remember the 5th of November the gunpowder treason and plot I see of no reason it should ever be forgot Be wary Dead End you time is at an end For I have plans for the day of infamy Be ready with hoses and shelter and tears For your city will... Read More

Warning For A Bloodbath?

The problem with living in Dead End is not so much the broken down transport system, the potholes in the roads, the endless mugging or the multitude of skimpy dressed floozies. It’s the crazies that at some point can really get to you. We at the Daily News get letters, photographs and even videos of crazy people by the dozens every single day. Most of the time you as a reader may never notice this, because we filter out the unicorn sucking fan-club, the booger collector... Read More

Letter to the Editor– From A Pirate Freak

Ahoy, Masked Pestilence of Dead End, There be a code, we honorable pirates follow, but with all manner of warfare, sometimes the code must be ignored. We write this as parley be no longer actionable. Ye have crimped and hornswaggled the field of it’s innocence. Ye are a vile, dastardly villain. A plague that must be purged from our land. Those among us who seek justice will have it. We shall plunder and pillage all who seek to stop us on our path to vengeance. Be they friend... Read More

Another Crimson Fucker Note

Dear Syndicate Its me again. I just wanted to remind you that I am going to fuck you up.. I might even kill you. I might do terrible things to the people you pretend to protect.. Dont you realize that you can’t protect anyone?? Just a friendly reminder, you might wonder why I am writing so many reminders especially after the recent attack on the Tea House.. Well.. Lets just say I am basting you in fear.. Like a giant turkey laying on the fear basting layer upon layer... Read More

Letter To The Syndicate

Dear Syndicate, You have ruined a perfectly good name and I don’t like that. We now need to consider your options, either you can stop while you’re ahead and not get hurt or you can keep trying to save this city and everyone pays.. I will start with that boy toy you got revenge for.. Kyo.. His ass is cute and its going to be mine.. Next We will make your businesses and your houses a target.. You think that crazy bitch with a chainsaw was bad.. Wait until you get... Read More